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Valuable items are stored in safes. If you cannot store it in a safe you would not leave the item unattended. Rhinos are our valuable heritage but left without protection. The only way to immediately decrease poaching incidents is to protect them in their natural environment. We will need individuals to guard them. Potential candidates who have a passion for nature and devoted to receiving the training that would equip them with the skills they need to protect our Rhinos. 

Gameways have proven that their training program is of the highest standard and quality by presenting a very successful Anti-Poaching course in July 2018. Most of the candidates who successfully completed our course are already employed on various Game Farms and Private Game Reserves. The Gameways Anti-Poaching NPC is also busy compiling a highly trained defence team that can offer farmers the support they need to protect their Rhinos.


Like most other projects we are still facing various challenges. There is only a small amount of people who would be willing to make a career as an Anti-Poacher. It takes a very passionate, nature-loving individual who would be willing to devote his/her life to fight for the lives of our Rhinos. Anti-Poachers live in nature together with the wild animals they protect. They sleep on the hard ground, beneath the stars in the dark African night. The dangers and threats they are exposed to are not only limited to poachers, but also wild animals.

Their source of food consists of cans and meals prepared on the fire of gas stoves. They spend long periods alone without any social elements. Another challenge they face is staying motivated even if months could pass without making any encounter with poachers. Anti-Poachers must stay disciplined in their training to be prepared when encountering poachers.