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GameWays are making an impact by educating game ranch managers to manage farms as nature reserves. 


The correct management principles of a game ranch are crucial to sustaining the wildlife housed within such a ranch or farm.  A safe, healthy and sustainably managed environmental and natural resource base provides critical eco-systems that are the foundation of sustaining our wildlife. Ensuring eco-systems are well balanced to require highly skilled and knowledgeable persons to manage conservation areas such as game farms. 


Game ranch management has become a science.  There is a huge responsibility on the game farm manager to manage the eco-system on a farm in a healthy and sustainable manner. 


Many farm managers in the past have neglected to maintain healthy eco-systems.  Just to name one example is farm managers resorting to predator poising with products like Temik (Aldicarb).  These practices have had dire consequences for the populations of innocent animals such as the bat-eared fox, civet, serval, genet, black-footed cat, wildcat, aardwolf, etc. whose numbers all declined drastically over the last decade. 


Another example is the overutilization of land for wildlife production in conjunction with the severe drought conditions South Africa face.  The game farm manager should have adequate knowledge to foresee and prepare for these circumstances.  By establishing and executing long term environmental management plans, a farm could be utilized in a sustainable manner.  


GameWays are providing the training necessary not to only manage the animals on a game farm but to manage and improve the eco-systems on such a farm.  This field is very complex and requires farm managers to understand and be part of the bigger picture when it comes to nature conservation.