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Training Costs:

The Gameways Anti-Poaching course is of high quality and therefore rather expensive to present. The intuition fee of the course is R30 000 to train a person for a duration of the three-month course. The expected salary for an Anti-Poacher is from R 7000 per month ($469 USD) to R 15 000 ($1000) as head of the Anti-Poaching unit. The salary expectation is not the reason why individuals make a career out of Anti-Poaching.  The individuals who usually start a career as Anti-Poacher are those who desire to make a difference by fighting to protect our wildlife. We found that in most cases less fortunate, unemployed members of society who are not in the financial position to pay the course intuition fee are more devoted to standing for what they believe in. These are the people who would be more willing to dedicate their lives to fight for the lives of these magnificent creatures since they feel that they have nothing to lose.  Gameways Anti – Poaching NPC feel that it is very important that we raise funds to enable these individuals to receive the training they will need to uplift and inspire them to chase their dreams whilst also protecting our wildlife.



Candidates who have successfully completed the training should be equipped with all the necessary equipment they will need to effectively protect our Rhinos. It is important that we keep in mind that poachers would not think twice about killing Anti-Poachers guarding Rhinos. Rhino Poachers are usually very dangerous, heavily armed individuals. It is therefore very important that Anti-Poachers have all the resources and equipment that need to give them an advantage above poachers.

(Equipment include: Night Vision, Weapons, Firearms, and GPS navigation systems)


Deployment of Anti-Poaching Guards: (Salary and Equipment)

It is also very important to take into consideration that farm owners are currently struggling financially. Most Rhino farmers do not exclusively farm with Rhinos, they are still dependent on an income to manage their farms and other wildlife species sustainable. The Game Industry of South Africa has currently hit its lowest financial point in years due to various elements leading to its decline. These elements include drought conditions in various parts of South Africa, especially in the Limpopo Province, forcing farmers to place feed for animals daily. The placement of feed has a huge financial impact on farmers. The economic conditions South Africa is facing together with the Political uncertainty especially due to changes in legislation in terms of the Landgrabs without compensation act have a big impact on the economy. These political and economic factors lead to numerous International Investors withdrawing themselves from the industry. Farm murders and other criminal elements are also of great concern to farm owners.


Cost and Salaries of the reaction team:

Gameways feel that it is compulsory that a well equipped and trained reaction team should always be on standby. This team should be able to respond immediately when an incident gets reported. The team should consist of 6-8 highly trained Anti-Poaching members together with a K9 dog tracking unit. This team should forgo continual training and development to ensure that they stay updated with the latest information on poaching activities and all the elements surrounding the incidents.